Stock List
This stocklist represents ONLY the freshwater secies we have available for shipping. We have hundreds of species of freshwater and saltwater fish, coral, and invertabrates. Keep in mind we stock everything in store from guppies to monster fish. We proudly offer fish for any skill level. The following list consists of fish you won't find many other places, if anywhere.



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Our stock list is updated weekly. We have new fish arriving and finishing up quarantine every week. If you're looking for something that is not on our list, please feel free to shoot us an email with what you are looking for. We bring in fish from all around the world, if you can think of something we don't have, we can probably get it!
We cannot guarantee the sex of the fish, unless stated in our list specifically.
We do not take pictures of every individual fish. Pictures and videos of our available stock can be found on our Instagram and Facebook pages. If you are interested in more pictures or videos of a species, please let us know, we will be happy to provide additional photos or videos. 



If you are unsure of a certain species care requirements, please feel free to send us a messgage. We are always happy to spread our knowledge. 
Our inventory and availability is subject to change without notice.



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Exceptional quality freshwater stingrays available. Sourced from trusted breeders and quarantined at our location for a minimum of 6 weeks. Preventative medication is added to ensure the highest quality and health possible. Our rays are fed a mix of pellets, mysis shrimp, market shrimp, tilapia, silversides and blood worms. Any questions on care please feel free to reach out. Sizes are measured across the disk.  


Please refer to our Instagram and Facebook for all pictures of our rays. Any additional photos or videos can be sent upon request. 




Black Diamond 6" Pair $1,500 

The real deal. Pure black diamonds. Sourced from our trusted breeders with lineage that has been traced back to wild BD's. Bright white spotting, paddle tails, and wonderful spotting coming in around the disks. 





Central American Cichlids



Vieja Melanura (Synspilum) 5" $50

Captive bred right here in NJ! Father is from Guatemlala and mother is from Belize. This offering is one of the first, if not the first, from a pair of these different locales. This pairing makes for some truly unique color schemes. At 5" they are already displaying some insane pinks, blues, and yellows. One of the most colorful Centrals out there. These will be ready to breed in no time! 


Marbled Vieja Fenestratus 3" $30 (2 left) 

A larger growing Central American cichlid, and reigning from southern Mexico. The coolest part of the marbled fenestratus is that they’re all unique. Each fish is morphologically variant. No two fish have the same patterning. They really are one of the most spectacularly colored fish available. Usually pretty hard to find, we brought in a ton to give a wide variety of patterning available. As they age, the reds, greens, whites, yellows and blues will start popping. Do yourself a favor and Google images of the adults. They’re our all time favorite Central American cichlid. We are hoping that they will become breeding projects in your tanks! We have a large group set aside to grow up for breeders for ourselves as well! 


Hypsophrys Nicaraguensis 4"  $30

Captive bred sub adults. Also known as Macaw cichlids, these rainbow colored beauties are sledom offered. These cichlids will do best with other mildly aggressive fish.   


Thorichthys Ellioti 1.5-2" $15 

One of the most beautiful and colorful fish on the planet. We can ensure that you wont find these many other places, if anywhere! A true Central American gem. Blue spangling throughout the boy with lots of red and yellow on the underbody and fins. 


Thorichthys Meeki 4" $25

The infamous firemouth. These beauties are hand selected and tank raised to ensure the highest quality of health and color. You wont believe the orange on these.Suited best for mild aggressive to aggressive tanks. 


Herichthys Carptintis 4" $30 

The real deal, and captive bred. True Carpintis are hard to come by these days after so many years of hybridization. Large spotted, bright green and electric blue. These are some of the prettiest Central American fish around. These larger growing cichlids will do well in species only tanks or with other large Central American cichlids. 



South American cichlids




All bass listed are between 3-3.5 inches in length. Every species listed is tank bred and raised! We have access to some very rare and very healthy peacock bass species. All are eating well on mysis, bloodworms, and are even going after pellets!


Orinoco $45

Kelberi $45

Xingu $60 


Uaru Amphiacanthoides 4-4.5” $80 

Captive bred Uaru Amphiacanthoides. Native to Amazon river basins in northern Brazil and Guyana, Uaru are generally found in very low pH water. Being captive bred, these fish are fully acclimated to tap water at higher pH levels. Meaning they are very easy to keep and far less prone to disease. They are large growing peaceful cichlids. As they age they have beautful brown coloration with striking red eyes and large black blocks of contrast on their bodies.



Albino Acarichthys Heckelii 3.5-4” $80 (SOLD OUT) 

Incredibly beautiful albinos in stock. Super red bodies and red threading off the fins! Also known as Threadfin Acara for their long red dorsal and tailfin threads. Much like Geophagus, these earth eaters will spend their day sifting sand through their gills in search of food. Heckelii do well with fish of similar size and stay generally peaceful in community tanks.



Crenicichla Lenticulata 10-11” $125 

Our all time favorite pike cichlids. Lenticulata can be agressive are only suited for predator aquariums with similar sized fish. Black facial speckling compliments their beautiful gray, purple, and red bodies. These are by far the prettiest Lenticulata we've ever seen. 



Crenicichla Saxatilis (Gold Spotted Jewel Pikes) 5" $80

Another rarity in the hobby, these are absolute gems in the pike world. Captive bred and eating everything in sight. They only reach around 7" making them a great option for smaller predator tanks. Bright gold speckling throughout a green body. One of the prettiest pikes available, and not available often! 


Crnicichla Xingu 1 4-5" $60

One of the pike holy grails. Arguably one of the most red colored pikes on the planet. These guys are slamming mysis and blood worms. Never fed live! 


Heros sp. "Turqoise" Lago Jua 2-2.5" $25 (Sold Out) 

Some consider these the holy grail of Sevrums. A very rare offering of captive bred F1 generation Turqoise Sevrums. Brilliant bright blue bodies accompany their red hues and black striping. For the Sevrum fans out there like ourselves, you won't want to miss these.


Heros Efasciatus "Rotkeil" Red Shoulder Sevrum 6-7” $100 

Some of the nicest Sevrums we've ever seen. Beautiful blue patterning in their faces accompanied by bright red and orange with tiger stripe black bars running down their bodies. These are serious show quality fish. Captive bred Peruvian Red Shoulder Sevrums. Highly sought after these are some of the more rare sevrums out there.  


Heros "Red Spot" 3.5" $60

A very cool color morph featuring an albino body with red spotting throughout. Sevrums are a peaceful south american cichlid that can do very well in community to semi aggressive tanks.  


Cupid Cichlids 4” $25 

These cupids are just gorgeous. Already displaying green, blue, and yellow coloration with black facial bars around the eyes. You won't find cupids this size or quality very often. A great addition to community tanks. 


Hoplarchus psittacus True Parrot Cichlids 4.4-5” $55

Stunning and highly sought after cichlids. They get their name from the natives for their striking coloration and facial markings as compared to Macaws. Adults will reach around 10".  


Satanoperca Mapiritensis 4.5-5" $60 (SOLD OUT) 

Something a little different and very special from the Satano genus! These fine spotted beauties are sure to have your south american fish nerd friends asking questions. Bright white spotting throughout the body and a very peaceful demeanor make these fish a great addition to community tanks. 


Geophagus Sveni 3-3.5" $50

The holy grail of Geos! These Sveni just cant be beat. Captive bred and eating everything in sight. Sveni are considered the most flashy of the geos with their bright red bodies and amazing yellow tones. 


Geophagus Red Head Tapajos 3.5" $30 

Tom's personal all time favorite geo. These showy geos develop bright red heads and flag like patterning in their fins. They are certainly a show quality fish to impress any of your south american fish loving friends. 


Geophagus Altifrons 3" $25


Lemon Oscar 3" $30 

One of the newer color morphs on the market. Tha name says it all. A classic in the hobby, yet super unique and bright bright bright yellow.


Chili Red Oscars 2.5-3" $60

The brightest and highest quality chili reds we have ever seen. Check out our social media for videos of them. These are true chili reds and will retain their color as they grow. 



German Blue Rams 2.5" $20

Gold Rams 2.5" $20



African Cichlids


Black Widow Frontosa 5"  $100  3" $60


Frontosa Gibberosa Blue Moba 4-5" $150


Altolamprologus Compressiceps Mandarin Orange 3-3.5" $75


Super VC-10 3.5" $40


Labidochromis Hongi "Sweden" 3" $25 (SOLD OUT) 


Neolamprologus Daffodil 3.5-4" $20 (SOLD OUT) 


Julidochromis Transcriptus .75-1" $17


Pundamilia Nyererei 4" $40







Tigrinus Cats! 6-7" $300

My all time favortie kitty. Nothing compares to these large growing tiger striped beauties. Never fed live!


Bagarius Yarrelli Goonch Cats 6-7" $225

The legendary goonch! These massive devil cats can exceed 3' long in captivity and grow to over 5' in the wild. Extremely rare in the hobby, you don't want to miss out! As seen on Jeremy Wades River Monsters. 


L024 Red Fin Cactus Pleco 4.5" $150

Super red fins on this rarely seen pleco. 


Synodontis Polli True White 2.5" $40

The coolest syno species out there.These come from the true white line. They will not fade in color and stay their true black and white coloration for life. You won't find these many places. 


Red tail Catfish 5-6” $35

We have tons of gorgeous baby red tail cats available. A true tank buster, these catfish can reach 5 feet in length! Better get your tropical ponds ready. These babies are 5-6” and a perfect starter size to grow out your monsters. We like the call them water puppies due to their awesome personalities as they grow.


PINK Synodontis Petricola 4” $75

You don’t want to miss these… Pink Synodontis Petricola! For all you catfish collectors out there this is a real treat. To start these are NOT hybrids. These Petricola have been line bred over the years to reduce the brown coloration and reach the desired pink hue. A natural process that really makes for a special animal. These are relatively brand new on the market in the US and rarely seen across the world. We’ve kept a few for ourselves. Staying a lovely smaller size these Petricola will top out around 3.5-4”, making them outstanding in schools for any smaller aquarium or community tank. Very easy to keep as well! These fish are eating anything we throw at them like the true clean up crew they are.


Megalodoras Uranoscopas 3-3.5” $50 

Rare!!! One of the most sought after catfish on the market. These heavily armored monsters are the baddest cats of all time. Reaching 24" as adults. Don't be fooled by the large body spikes, they are very peaceful in aquariums. These omnivorous catfish will accept a wide variety of food, and accept a wide range of pH.  


Lima Shovelnose 5-7" $60

Very unique! A mid-water catfish with a large flat head and nose. these peaceful cats are truly unique in their shape and activities. If you're looking for something a little different, these are the cats for you! 


Green Lazer Cory 2.5" $30

Bright and beautiful! These captive bred emerald colored little kitties make for a great schooling cleanup crew. 


L204 Flash Tiger Plecos 4-4.5” $50

Wonderfully striped and colored, these plecos are awesome algae eaters. At a perfect size for any small to large aquarium. Provide lots of driftwood for these little lumberjacks. 


Bushy Nose Pleco 4" $8

A staple cleanup pleco. Add to any order for the best algae eating pleco around. Super hardy and very neat fish. 



Super Red Bushy Nose Pleco 2-3" $40 Captive Bred in NJ! 


Blue Eye Albino Bushynose 4-4.5" $65

Stunners! Bright blue eyes and lemon yellow bodies. 


Oddballs/Rare Fish  


NTT Datnoid (Northern Thailand Tiger) 3.5-4" $100

Our all time favorite datnoids. These bright gold perch feature jet black bars. These are all stable and will never leave our facility if they are not. Eating very well on market shrimp, tilapia, and silversides. 


Archer Fish (Toxotes Joculater) 3-4" $30

If you know archer fish, you know how cool these are! These captive bred beauties feature silver bodies with black bands and black and yellow fins. As we did growing up as kids, you can train them to spit water out of the tank for food just as they would do in the wild! Fully freshwater. 


Parkinsonii Rainbow 3" $18 


Turqoise Rainbow 3" $15


Boesmani Rainbow 3" $30


Giant Red Tail Gourami 5-6" $70


Black Arowana (Osteoglossum ferreirai) 6-7" $225

Black/blue arowana are not only rare, but genuinely beautiful fish. With black fins and orane trim.


Albino Silver Arowana 5-6" $150

A twist on an all time favorite classic in the hobby. These are true albinos with bright gold bodies and pink highlights on their fins.


Silver Arowana 6" $75


MBU Puffers!!! 5" $300

There is no denying the love we have for these fish. True freshwater monster puffers capable of reaching 30+". These are peaceful creatures and can be housed we small community fish. We do not recommend keeping them with aggressive fish.  


Humpback Puffers 6-7" $150 

These monsters are just too cool. With a honeycomb pattern and a face that only a mother could love, we're sure you won't find these at this size or quality anywhere else. 


Albino Clown Knife 4" $50

True albinos with red eyes! Many of the golden knives are sold as albino, these are the real deal. 


Clown Loaches 3.5-4" $30 (SOLD OUT) 

A classic fish in the hobby. Clown loaches make a great bottom dwelling schooling fish. Bright orange and blacks compliment their high activity. 


Gymnothorax Palyuranodon (true freshwater moray eels!) 12-15” $250 (TEMPORARY SELLOUT) 

The only true freshwater morays on the planet. These eels are absolutely stunning. Bright gold and black coloration. Eels are highly intelligent and have really cool personalities. These eels can be kept in tap water making them very easy to care for. These are VERY rare. They have been eating market shrimp right out of our hands! 


Mastacembelus armatus (True Tiretrack Eels) 6-7" $40

Outstanding color and patterning on these eels. Very curious and wonderful personalities. 


Black Bar Silver Dollars (Myleus schomburgkii)  4” $40

Black Bar silver dollars will make a great schooling dither fish for your aquarium as well. These large growing silver dollars are great to add some activity and balance. Once they reach adult size the dominant males will start to exhibit a bright red shoulder pattern which is really spectacular to see!


Blackberry Silver Dollars 3" $100

In my humble opinion these are the coolest silver dollars out there. I keep a large group at home in with my monater fish and they are stunning. Very rare and very cool. 



Platinum Tinfoil Barbs 4" $40 or 3 for $100

One of the coolest tinfoil morphs we've ever seen. Bright red eyes and platinum silver bodies. These are sure to impress in any large community or aggressive tank. 



Monster Poly Endlicheri 13-14" $300

One absolute unit of a polypterus available. Eats everything from frozen to pelets. If you're looking for a cool show piece for your monster tank, this is the one to go for. Perfect fins and patterning. 


Albino Poly Senegalus 4-5" $40 


Platinum Senegal Birchir 4" $80

You read that right. Platinum senegals are in stock and ready to ship! A very rare color morph of these dinosaurs. 


Teugelsi Birchir 3" $50


Retropinnis Birchir 7" $140